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Guangzhou ZhongXian Electronic and Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Guangzhou ZhongXian Electronic and Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou ZhongXian Electronic and Technology Co.,Ltd.

CDMA2000 1x Mobile Phone

ZXET CF190 Low End CDMA 450Mhz Mobile Phone

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ZXET CF190 Low End CDMA 450Mhz Mobile Phone

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 Memory Slot


 Operation System


Our company offers 450Mhz/800Mhz/1900Mhz CDMA mobile phone custom services, please welcome to visit our company!

1.450MhzCDMA: custom high-end/low-end/smart phones, the appearance of the optional;
2.1900MhzCDMA: custom low-end high-end smart phones in the appearance options;
3.450Mhz/800Mhz/1900Mhz CDMA : multi-frequency customization;

Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Ecuador, more than ten countries and tested successfully, most countries do not need provide PRL file, only numbers is Ok, A ~ L segment can meet customer requirements.


Latest 450Mhz CDMA mobile phones, welcome to customize!
 Chip: Qualcomm 1100 chipset
 Frequency: 450MHZ
 Screen: 1.8 'TFT QCIF resolution: 176 * 220 pixel 65K color support
 Battery: 900 mAh Li-Ion Battery
 UIM deck: Support
 Headset: support, share USB Interface
 Charger: support, share USB Interface
 Battery, charger, headset, data cable
 Qualcomm Platform:
 Language: English, Russian
 Personal Assistant:
 Calendar support
 Alarm clock support
 Stopwatch Support
 Security Settings
 Keyboard lock Support
 Call log lock support
 FM RDS support
 Game support, built-in two games


1. Stock: take 2 to 3 days, 100% machine + manual full review
2. Order: the existing model 20 to 30 days
3. New module custom: 1 months  shipment, ensure the stability of quality
Quality Assurance:
1. Bad machine proportional control within 1%
2. 100% 450MhzCDMA phone special test equipment testing (antenna, radio frequency, call standby current, etc.)
3. 100% online manual full review
4. 100% offline manual full review
1. T / T
2. Cash transactions
Domestic Logistics Service:
1. Customer designated locations on time delivery
2. International Logistics Services:
2.1 European line: open to Ukraine Line, neighboring countries can choose from this line of transit;
2.2 South America Line: Open to the Chilean capital of Santiago Free Trade Zone;

2.3 African line: open to Benin, Nigeria and Ghana and other countries in this line of optional;
Terms of sale:
1. 1% of the wearing parts as Warranty (optional)
2. Volume with 1% of the machine as an aftermarket (optional)
3. Motherboard warranty 13 months (optional)


USD   45 / pcs

  Price Condition

FOB   ShenZhen/HongKong


1 pieces per box

  Package Size

19.5 x 14 x 6.5   Centimeters

  Package Weight

0.6   Kilograms

  Delivery lead time


  Minimum order


  Supply ability


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